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More Lentils, Less Lust

More Lentils, Less Lust

Based On “Woman pulling up her Stocking” Toulouse-Lautrec 1894.
Lautrec was a great frequenter of brothels - as were most of his contemporaries so nothing unusual there. But he painted the women and occasionally their clients. He seems to have had a faiblesse for redheads. No academic nudes these.
I have added an element that is pure nostalgia, the so called Protein Man. When I studied in London there was a sandwich-man we saw, and heard, practically every day parading up and down Oxford St in his lifelong mission to reduce lust. Quiet, bespectacled, unmarried, and of no doubt blameless character, his voice I can still hear intoning “less passion from less protein - buy my booklet...more lentils, less lust..........”

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