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New Gallery in Orvieto


New Gallery in Orvieto

Patrick Nicholas has opened the doors to his new gallery in Orvieto, Corso Cavour 176.  Still a lot of work to do framing and hanging but the date of the inauguration will be announced soon, most likely for the end of September.image

This is the fourth gallery. the first was way back in 1988 in Bologna. The aim then was to publicise my work, primarily portraiture, in a new city. However early on I also put up purely artistic pieces for sale. It lasted two years until I was so overwhelmed with work, mainly fashion in those days, that I had no time to stay in the gallery. I didn’t embark on another venture till 2007 when I opened in a small place, just 25sq m.(below) in the picturesque Umbrian city of Orvieto.image

Metamorphosis Exhibition Graz

March 27 for three weeks Metamorphosis at the Herman Herzele gallery, Graz, Austria. Latest works by Patrick Richmond Nicholas.image

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