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Venus of the Sherds

Venus of the Sherds

"Venere dei Cocci” (Venus of the Sherds) 2005:  based on Giorgione’s “Sleeping Venus”. One of the greatest paintings of the Renaissance, Sleeping Venus is an unusual, not to say mysterious work, even for an out of the ordinary painter like Giorgione.
This was one of the paintings that I absolutely had to do, but where was I to find my own Venus? None of the women who had come forward for the original casting remotely fitted the bill until one evening quite by chance I met Arianna, a lawyer from the tiny republic of San more about Venus on PatrickNicholas’ blog

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the Venus shoot followed by an interview of Arianna the model by journalist Nicholas Farrell

La Voce di Romagna, and published in The Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, Madison
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