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New Gallery in Orvieto



On Show in Graz

image Metamorphosis At the Herman Herzele Gallery, Graz, Austria till April 16, 2014


Medusa Shoot, Holland

Watch a video of the Medusa and Metamorphosis shoot in Holland on March 12,2013. The model Valeria from Puglia in Italy works in a restaurant in Amsterdam.  More about these pictures on the blog.


Art and Run in Kew, London


On 21 February 2013 Patrick Nicholas was invited to talk at the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society in Kew, London. About 70 people turned out on a very cold evening. The event consisted of two sessions of 45 mins each with a 20min coffee break in the middle and 10mins of questions at the end.The occasion is best summed up by the comments on the club’s forum.

‘Patrick Nicholas, proved once and for all that Photography can be considered an art, or some of it can be, and his certainly his pictures were brilliant and the chat that accompanied it made for me a very pleasurable evening.Then to hear Patrick state his opinion, an opinion which I share, regarding the works of Ansel Adams, was the icing on the cake. This subject came up in conversation at the start of the evening with other members who considered my thoughts on the subject, those of a philistine. The smugness on my face must have been apparent when Patrick let it be known his thought’s on A.Adams . As for the pictures the Weeping Willow at the lake side blew me away GREAT EVENING and Thanks ‘.

‘Fantastic night! So pleased there were prospective members present
on what I think was one of the best since I have been a member
I should have left at coffee break for another engagement but couldn’t drag myself away.
This was a man that did have interesting ‘asides’ worth listening to. Hadn’t heard the one about Mr Adams!
Loved his nudes in landscape and cant wait to see how he poses Peter and Deborah! And thanks very much Peter for organising such a terrific night’

‘A most entertaining evening both of artistic photographs and associated stories delivered by an urbane and engaging creator and raconteur. One of the best sessions I’ve attended; thanks to Peter’.

‘A fantastic evening and as already has been said, one of the best. That and the previous week with Margaret Salisbury makes our format of visiting speakers on Thursday nights so worthwhile even if it does mean that we have to suffer the occasional dull evening’.

‘Thanks Peter for arranging one of the best evenings I have attended at RTPS’

‘Patrick’s creativity combined with his appreciation of art and mythology would be enough but delivered with such style, charm and humour made for a sensational evening. When can he come back?!

Thank you!’


read more about this photograph

read more about this photograph


Art and Run event in Bologna

Patrick Nicholas has recently held events called ‘Art and Run’ in Bologna in Jan. 2013 and London Feb 21st; part of a series of hit and run events to show off his Belle, that he holds in spas, photography clubs, cafés, wellness centres etc. Not exhibitions in the traditional sense in that nothing is hung on the wall just placed on an easel. The show lasts about an hour and a half with a break in the middle.

The most recent event was at Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society in Kew, London, on 21 Feb 2013.
Watch the Art and Run video on You Tube

Here are some comments from the club’s forum following the event.
‘A most entertaining evening both of artistic photographs and associated stories delivered by an urbane and engaging creator and raconteur. One of the best sessions I’ve attended’


Floriade Fair

Here Daphne is being prepared prior to the opening on 4th April 2012 at the avant garde Vandenikenglas factory in the Netherlands for the world renowned Floriade Fair held every ten years this time at Venlo, near Eindhoven. image
Floriade is in effect the Gardening World’s Fair. It also boasts an exciting programme packed full of music, dance, theatre and graphic art. It lasts till 7 October.

Daphne’s eco-sustainable garden was designed by the world renowned garden architect Nico Wissing world champion in garden design, Nagasaki 2011 image


Dutch Gardens

Technology moves on and the Metamorphoses are now printed by Vandijkenglas on glass to become a new form of garden architecture. imageThe brainchild of garden architect Lars Verziljlenberg. Patrick steps out into this new field with Daphne; Ovid would surely approve.

The three 2 metre tall glass prints are beautifully set off by bare coffee tree branches. A Dutch water garden is the perfect setting for the nymph Daphne.image



New Gallery in Orvieto

Patrick Nicholas has opened the doors to his new gallery in Orvieto, Corso Cavour 176.  Still a lot of work to do framing and hanging but the date of the inauguration will be announced soon, most likely for the end of September.image

This is the fourth gallery. the first was way back in 1988 in Bologna. The aim then was to publicise my work, primarily portraiture, in a new city. However early on I also put up purely artistic pieces for sale. It lasted two years until I was so overwhelmed with work, mainly fashion in those days, that I had no time to stay in the gallery. I didn’t embark on another venture till 2007 when I opened in a small place, just 25sq m.(below) in the picturesque Umbrian city of Orvieto.image

Metamorphosis Exhibition Graz

March 27 for three weeks Metamorphosis at the Herman Herzele gallery, Graz, Austria. Latest works by Patrick Richmond Nicholas.image

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