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Postal Address:

Via dei Farnese, 26
05018 Orvieto, Terni, Umbria

cell:  +39 347 275 2630
Tel & Fax +39 0763 391017
Skype: patrick.nicholas3

To contact me via email please use the form below:

If for any reason you have problems emailing me please use this gmail address

For contact information regarding sales, exhibitions and general enquiries regarding Patrick Nicholas in Benelux countries please contact Dick Kits


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This site is designed to be the on-line window of The Photo Nicholas Gallery in Orvieto, Umbria.
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I Can Make You into a Work of Art!

Want to participate in the Belle project and possibly gain a place in the book and gallery? Or would you just like to be photographed as a work of art for private view? Please get in touch with Patrick

To receive more info on the services we offer please use the form on the: contact page

Patrick Nicholas runs photo workshops and master classes. For all information on photography courses please go to Camera Etrusca’s website:

email: for details

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